SensDesk.com is paid portal for all HW group devices

  • Administration and remote device management
  • Monitoring of HW group´s devices and sensors (graphs, alerts, device management)
  • Paid for defined time period
  • All sensors in one screen
  • Graphs of historical data (limited by subscription plan)
  • Email alert when sensor value exceed defined range
  • Email alert when device disconnected for more than 30 min
  • Easy migration of devices to another SensDesk Technology based portal

Subscription plan limitations

  • Date of expiration - when will expire you paid subscription
  • SMS Alerts & Phone calls - How many SMS messages / Phone call alerts you can realize within one month from one Team (company) account
  • Dashboard limit - How many unique dashboards (data overviews) you can have
  • Device limit - How many devices you can have connected to one user account
  • Log limit (days) - How many days are saved your history data (shown in data listings / graphs, ...)
  • Multigraph limit - How many unique graphs with more than 1 value you can have / use in PDF reports 
  • PDF Reports limit - How many unique reports you can generate
  • Users limit - How many different users can have access to one Team (company) account
  • Mobile App
  • Open API
    • XML - Download all sensor data in the user (team) account in .xml file.
    • SNMP - Real all sensor data in the user (team) account using SNMP v1/3 from any Open NMS system.




Other SensDesk Technology based portals

SensDesk Technology

  • Several portals using the same technology by HW group
  • Portal can be SaaS on the public address
  • Portal can be used as on Premise installation for offline project (LAN sensors only)
  • Devices can be easily migrated inside the ecosystem
  • >> SensDesk licences (HW group website)
  • >> SensDesk Technology - Portal overview (HW group website)


Sensors & Detectors you can connect to the portal

  • Temperature sensor (°C, °F, °K)
  • Relative Humidity sensor (%RH)
  • AC/DC Voltage sensor (V)
  • AC/DC Current sensor (mA)
  • Power sensor (W)
  • Energy sensor (Wh)
  • Pulse counter sensors (pulses)
  • Water consumption sensors (m3)
  • VoC sensor
  • CO2 sensor (ppm)
  • Water Leak Detection system
  • Water Flood detector
  • Open Door/Window detector
  • Smoke detector
  • External power detector
  • Vibration detector
  • Light detector
  • Gas detector
  • Motion detector


Main features

  • SensDesk works with HW group monitoring devices and sensors.
  • All sensors in one screen
  • Graphs of historical data (2 years)
  • Central Device Management
  • Central alerts management (E-mail, SMS)
  • Voice calls to your mobile phone (critical alerts)
  • All values available in Open API, XML, SNMP (v1/v3)
  • PDF Reports (every week/month)
  • Device disconnected alarm in 30 min
  • Multigraph functionality (°C, %RH in one graph)
  • 3 standard tariffs + custom pricing (ask for more)
  • Activation of external siren (DO - relay) based on sensor value range
  • Easy adoption of SD/NB devices in 30 seconds

What can I do with SensDesk?

    Remote monitoring
    You can monitor temperature, humidity, power consumption, battery voltage, intrusion, smoke, motion,
    water leaks and many more. Monitor and control your business and properties remotely.



    Event alerts and advanced alarming
     Create a safe range for your sensors and get alarmed over SMS, phone calls, or e-mail. All events are logged       
     and reported. More safe ranges are available.



     History and Log database
     Check the history of values and events for the last two years and export reports and graphs.


     Reports, Graphs, and Multigraphs
     Generate automatic reports and see all data in graphs with visible safe range limits. Recorded data can be as XLS,
     CSV, PDF, JPG, SVG and more.



      Remote output control on different locations
      Any device with output can automatically respond to alarms from any sensor. Automated conditions and manual
      output control is available.





     Connect to 3rd party system (Open API)
      Send your SensDesk data to other applications and third-party systems using XML, MQTT, SNMP or Modbus/TCP.




      Have your own monitoring portal
       Ask for your own SensDesk IoT portal and run it on your server. Contact our sales team.



Sensdesk versions

Choose the Sensdesk version which is the most suitable for you:

SensDesk.com – service – monitoring web-based service with suitable subscription plans for every requirement
SensDesk PRO – license - for monitoring IoT projects
SensDesk DC – license - on-premise, for our distributors who wants to provide SensDesk as a service to their customers

  SensDesk.com     SensDesk PRO       SensDesk DC  
Smaller installations
Large projects
SensDesk on your server
 Up to 25 / custom up to 99 
Up to 3 / custom
Fees / annually
  See subscription plans  
Automatic Updates/upgrades 
SMS using Twilio
YES (see subscription plans)
YES (variable)
YES (variable)
Own SMTP server
Runs on a private network